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  • JS + Flash Webcam Detection tool

    Webcam and Microphone presence and list can be detected before loading complex video conferencing interfaces.

    This can be done with JavaScript and a small flash swf (under 1kb).



    JS + Flash Webcam Detection tool 


    View demo page source to see full JS code and link to get swf tool.

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    Paid Video Presentation Rooms

    Use VideoWhisper WordPress Video Presentation plugin to setup a website where tutors can run paid live video seminars, presentations, conferences, eLearning rooms.

    Moderators setup their rooms, prices and see subscribed clients:

    Students can buy access to presentation rooms:

    Online Video Consultation Software

    Moderators control what participant is displayed on main screen (speaker) and can also add an additional participant (inquirer) to ask questions or assist.

    Participants can change their public status (i.e. request to speak), upload and download room files, text and video chat depending on setup permissions.


    How to setup:

    • WordPress Video Presentation plugin

      • Can be used in FREE (limited) mode.
      •  Price:  $250/purchase or $25/month rental (optional for full mode)
    • Compatible Web and RTMP Hosting
      • Wowza RTMP hosting required for live streaming and  iOS support.
      • Web hosting compatible with WordPress.
      • FFMPEG and latest codecs on web host, required for transcoding.
      • Recommended: VideoWhisper Wowza Hosting starting from $50/month.
    • WordPRess myCRED plugin to allow students to buy room access using credits from:
      • PayPal Standard
      • Skrill (Moneybookers)
      • NETbilling
      • Zombaio
      • BitPay (bitcoin)
    •  s2Member plugin to enable paid membership, tutor roles (FREE for use with PayPal).

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    Video Conference Rooms


    Video Conference plugin for WordPress now allows setting up rooms from frontend depending on backend permissions. Admins can configure list of roles or users that can create rooms, how many rooms can each user have.



    Public rooms show in room list.

    Private rooms can only be accessed by owner and by invite link for others.

    Room Shortcode


    {videowhisper_conference room=”room-name”}

    This shortcode will display video conference room room-name. If room parameter is not provided it will use parameter ‘r’ from link. If that’s also not available it will display default landing room as configured above.

    Install and update trough wordpress repository.

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    WordPress Webcam 2Way Videochat

    + Easy installation , updates as plugin 
    + Access permissions (everybody, members, list)
    + Members can create and mange rooms
    + Widget with active rooms list and entry
    + Menu for room management
    To test a live demo of this 1 on 1 videochat plugin on WordPress, just register a free account on the VideoChat Scripts site and use the top Video Chat menu to setup a room.

    A Video Chat page is added to the website where members can create and manage their rooms. Can be disabled from settings. Functionality can be implemented as shortcode.

    WordPress Plugin includes a widget that displays active rooms (with participants) and access link if there’s room for another participant.

    There is a settings page with multiple parameters and permissions.
    Who can setup rooms and access application can be configured (everybody, members, list of members/roles).

    Video chat is the easiest and most cost-effective way to meet somebody and discuss one on one, to make a video call just by providing a private room access link.

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    Wowza RTSP Live Streaming for Android


    Test your device RTSP playback:



    Configure Wowza Media Server

    – http://www.wowza.com/forums/content.php?36#publish

    + Set the Streams/StreamType property to live :

    + Set the HTTPStreamers property to cupertinostreaming,smoothstreaming,sanjosestreaming :

    + Set the Streams/LiveStreamPacketizers property to cupertinostreamingpacketizer,smoothstreamingpacket izer,sanjosestreamingpacketizer:

    + Set the RTP/Authentication/PlayMethod property to none:


    – http://www.wowza.com/forums/content.php?62
    [install-dir]/conf/VHost.xml and add 554 to the list of HostPort/Ports

    – http://www.wowza.com/forums/content.php?36#RTSP
    RTP > Properties container in [install-dir]/conf/[application]/Application.xml (be sure to get the correct Properties container – there are several in Application.xml):




    1. Encoding:

      It is best to encode the video using a low bitrate, frame rate and low encoding complexity. For mobile streaming a total bitrate of between 64Kbps to 250Kbps is probably best. Many mobile devices may not be able to handle a full 30 frames per second (fps). A frame rate of 15 – 24 fps may be best for mobile. It is best to encode to a lower H.264 complexity. Most mobile devices only support H.264 Baseline. Encoder complexity and level is discussed here.

    2. Networking (UDP and TCP setup):

      UDP: It is best to open all UDP (0-65535) ports for RTSP/RTP streaming. On the incoming side, Wowza tends to try to use ports between the range of 6970-9999. Outgoing the port choice is made by the receiving device. So it is best to open all ports to outgoing UDP traffic. Getting the UDP setup correctly is sometimes difficult and dependent on your router and firewall setup. If behind NAT (network address translation) it is important that all UDP ports are mapped to the server running Wowza.


    Android: Most Android devices support RTSP/RTP streaming. Newer Android devices that are running version 2.2 or greater (Froyo) also support Flash player 10.1 and can play RTMP and Flash HTTP streams. Android devices cannot play MP3 streams over RTSP/RTP in any combination (audio/video or audio only). Android devices that support Flash player 10.1 can play MP3 using RTMP or Flash HTTP. When streaming to an Android device using RTSP/RTP, the RTP portion must flow over UDP. Android does not support RTSP/RTP interleaved (RTP over TCP). This means if UDP is unavailable for RTP playback, RTP over TCP will not work as a failover and your stream will not play.

    Customers have reported issues with RTSP/RTP playback on the DroidX and Droid2. It seems that only a few frame sizes will play properly on these devices:

    • 800×480
    • 480×320
    • 240×160


    VideoWhisper provides compatible, rtmp managed Wowza hosting plans and assistance with mobile streaming:


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    VideoWhisper Messenger for Video Girls BiZ PPV VideoChat Script


    VideoWhisper > Video Messenger > VideoGirls BiZ Module

    Video Messenger Script: Live Web Video Messaging

    Video Girls BiZ is a website software suite, containing all software and scripts required to power a pay per view / pay per minute online video chat business.

    Video Messenger for Video Girls BiZ
    + PPV private video chat
    + public perfomer rooms
    + members can request private paid show
    + online perfomers list with live snapshots
    + live video preview on performer profile page
    + performers can have multiple private sessions at same time



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    Reinstall Perl, CPanel, All yum packages

    Reinstall yum packages


    yum clean all
    yum update
    yum reinstall $(yum list installed | awk ‘{print $1}’)

    Reinstall Perl
    Get latest source from http://search.cpan.org/dist/perl/ , unarchive and go to that folder.


    yum install make gcc
    sh Configure -de -Dusethreads
    make && make test && make install

    cd /usr/bin
    mv perl perl-backup
    ln -s /usr/local/bin/perl perl


    Reinstall Cpanel and Fix accounts

    /scripts/upcp –force

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    Webcam Video Recorder for WordPress

    VideoWhisper Video Recorder for WordPress – Testing

    – Video Posts

    – Video Comments

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    Configuring P2P Settings for Flash Player

    Did you ever approved or disabled p2p for a website, checked remember box and now you don’t know how to change that setting?


    Access Flash Player Global P2P Settings panel using this link below:



    Use Delete all websites button to have flash ask you again for each site.


    Use this panel to specify peer-assisted networking settings for any website you have visited. To learn about peer-assisted networking and how to decide whether or not to enable it, see What is Peer-Assisted Networking?

    For each website you have visited, the list of Visited Websites displays:

    • The name of the website that you have visited
    • The peer-assisted networking setting for the website

    Change networking settings

    To specify settings for a particular website, select the website in the Visited Websites list, and then change its settings as desired. The following list explains the options:

    • If you don’t want this website to share your bandwidth and you don’t want to be asked again, select Always Deny.
    • If you do want this website to share your bandwidth and you don’t want to be asked again, select Always Allow.
    • If you want Flash Player to always ask you before sharing your bandwidth, select Always Ask.

    Disable P2P uplink for all

    To never share your bandwidth, select Disable P2P uplink for all. This setting affects sites you have already visited and sites you haven’t yet visited. If you deselect this option, your previous settings for individual websites (if any) are restored.

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    Red5 1.0 RC2 backward compatibility

    Latest red5 versions ( Red5 revision > 4326 like 1.0 RC2+) bring changes that make red5 incompatible with older applications.
    Changes are required for these applications to work.

    Updated VideoWhisper rtmp applications can be downloaded for use or as sample to update other applications.


    This is covered in Red5 google group:

    With revision 4326 you will see problems when building or running your applications with Red5. Most of the problems you’ll run into

    are with missing classes; in most cases you can just add the “scope” package to your imports or run “Optimize imports” in Eclipse. Below I have addressed a few items that you may run into.


    1. IScope cannot be resolved to a type

    – Update red5 jar or source with latest

    – Correct location of IScope is org.red5.server.api.scope.IScope, previously it was org.red5.server.api.IScope

    2. The import org.red5.server.api.IScope cannot be resolved

    – Update red5 jar or source with latest

    – Correct location of IScope is org.red5.server.api.scope.IScope, previously it was org.red5.server.api.IScope


    3. WebScope cannot be found

    – Open your applications red5-web.xml and change the “web.scope” bean class to

    <bean id=”web.scope” class=”org.red5.server.scope.WebScope” init-method=”register”>

    instead of this

    <bean id=”web.scope” class=”org.red5.server.WebScope” init-method=”register”>


    4. Method signature does not match xxxx.

    – For this one the fix is to change your expectation to receive an Iterator and instead make use of a Collection. The scope method

    for retrieving scope names now returns a Set as shown here:


    public Set<String> getScopeNames()


    5. Parameter “type” does not match String.

    – For scopes, their type is no longer identified by a string but instead uses an enum of ScopeType. The old method for getting basic

    scope names was like so:


    public Iterator<String> getBasicScopeNames(String type)


    this is the new version:


    public Set<String> getBasicScopeNames(ScopeType type)


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